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Economic-financial services and consultancy

Economics and financial services are primarily carried out to verify whether the project is economically realistic and secure the financial resources needed to implement the investment project, in the necessary volume, time and structure, the optimal cost of their provision as defined by the price of their use.

Economics and financial services are implemented by a range of activities and actions, such as

  1. Economics and financial feasibility studies of investment
  2. Developing principles for building a financial model, an assembly or help with assembly
  3. Drawing up or revising a business plan prepared by the investor
  4. Determination of the price of the project and exit strategy
  5. Financial risk analysis with corrective action proposals (investor / contractor)
  6. Financial feasibility study
  7. Processing Calls for tender for project funding (RFP)
  8. Securing external funding and negotiation of loan documents (structured finance, acquisition and operational financing for large, medium and small companies)
  9. Providing Project Cash Flow Management
  10. Creating a cost center
  11. Funds drawing management
  12. Project financial controlling
  13. Financial reporting
  14. Preparation and financing of acquisitions of foreign companies
  15. Arrangement of IPO or bonds


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