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Export services

The goal of the Export services is to help client company development and to support its focus on credible non-EU and EU markets. These services comprise analysis of the export potential of the company, pricing, technical and utility parameters of the product to gain its marketability, description of the company capabilities to ensure its competitiveness abroad, and securing financial resources to achieve these capabilities.

The important part is the marketing and export orders mediation, the inclusion of the company to the export consortium and provision of export financing and insurance.

We offer to companies

  • Business services
    • We prepare an implementation plan for what you must do in order to engage in export consortia (required skills and the way to achieve them)
    • We arrange financial resources for obtaining export capability
    • Based on the acquired skills we will put you into a specific export consortia or separate export case
    • We arrange financing and insurance of your exports
  • Control services
    • We provide independent control of quality and timeliness of supply of your subcontractors (especially for the head company of the consortium)
    • We cost and value of your intended supplies

We offer to banks, leasing companies, insurance companies or financial investors

  • Control services
    • We verify the ability of applicants for export financing and export insurance
    • We compile tailored risk plan and plan for risks elimination for each specific export case
    • We ensure the effectiveness of the used resources through independent inspection
    • We issue independent financial reports on the execution of the export contract
  • Business services
    • We ask for financing and export insurance on behalf of our client
    • We arrange an IPO or bond issue
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