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Our values

  1. Our mission is to provide added value.
  2. The basic method of our work is opened discussion between people, based on facts and our values.
  3. The truth are the facts, not speculation, fiction or dream and wishes.
  4. We do not destroy, we do not live from substance. We improve existing and create new.
  5. We always work with the highest work engagement to achieve economic results, but we also care about needed people and we split our working achievements.
  6. The client and the protection of his interests and knowledge is exceeded imperative for us, therefore we work with his data, knowledge and experience according to the principle of banking secrecy.
  7. We respect history, traditions and values of each client and we bring contribution to his successful present and future.
  8. Long-term relationship with the client, where both are winners and prosper from the relationship, is our business approach, win – win strategy.
  9. Wealth and values of our clients are a source of inspiration and our commitment to protect and promote them.
  10. We look with appreciation, humility and lesson to the success of others.
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