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First Advantage s.r.o. is comprised of a team of people who have extensive experience of arranging financial investment complexes and project management.
The following are our key references:

  1. GASCONTROL, společnost s r.o. – Acquisition of black-coal power plant, Dětmarovice, from ČEZ for a value of 1.3 billion CZK.
  2. SLOVAKIA STEEL MILLS, a.s. – Managing the strategic investment project for building a steelworks and rolling mill in Slovakia with a total value of 240 million EUR, arranging the complete financing and consequently its introduction to the capital markets.
  3. Aircraft Industries, a.s. – Acquisition of aviation company, Let Kunovice, amounting to 250 million CZK.
  4. Consorcium J&T a PPF – Acquisition of aviation company, Aero Vodochody, amounting to 1.8 billion CZK.
  5. ABS Jets, a.s. – Managing a strategic development project of the aeronautical corporation, arranging complete financing. Accomplishing bonds emission of a value of 450 million CZK, including their trading (ISIN CZ 003501769).
  6. Borealis Exploration Limited – Responsible for issuing a complete edition of the shares with a volume of 5 million shares for the company, BOREALIS, at Prague’s Stock Exchange Prime Market (ISIN GI000A1J9JJO).

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