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    About company

    We are a supplier of financial services for the export realization, implementation of investments, modernization and optimization projects and companies’ restructuring plans.

    Our clients are those who provide money or, on the other side, those who demand for money or services associated with funding.

We help our clients through complete business plan preparation or its independent external examination, plan of risks preparation and its management, arranging project financial resources, considering business aspects and technical completeness of the project, project life cycle impact to the company operating expenses assessment, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of project to funding banks and investors. We arrange company preparation for IPO before entering stock exchange, and through bonds or various atypical financial products we provide financial resources not only for company development, but for counties, cities and municipalities as well.

The financial side of the export realization and investment securing requires experience and know-how which investors or external funding providers do not usually have. To obtain such knowledge is both difficult and also expensive and an opportunity for its utilization is very rare. Therefore, First Advantage goal is to help clients to implement perspective plans successfully through providing necessary experience and know-how.


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